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Originally Posted by goldmax View Post
I have been meaning to ask...when manoeuvring my car about say into my garage I find it difficult to creep along, I find I have to get a certain amount of revs up to move the car then it lurches a bit and stops so I have to give more gas. Is this how others find it at very low speeds, often its hard to judge exactly when and how much power is going to be put through to the drive train. My G 1750 didn't do this at all, in fact in first it would creep with no foot on the gas, why doesn't the 4C have a creep mode in 1st gear?
That's what makes it challenging and fun at the same time I learned that basically when you are going into or backing into a tight spot you have one attempt to get it perfectly right. You have to judge the distance correctly, know your car well and apply the exact amount of throttle needed. You don't get it a second chance with the 4C, it's a tough teacher. If you miss the first time, it gets really sloppy and ugly. You have to back up and redo it. It does not move by small increments for you to correct what you missed the first time.
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Establishing a gap before you move is beneficial. I've also believe you can crawl in 1st without slipping the clutch. I'll accelerate enough to get a full engage of the clutch in 1st, but not enough to move it into 2nd gear. Once you have full engage of 1st (say 5-7MPH) and back off the throttle to idle speed it behaves similar to a traditional clutched car. It does the light bump as the clutch arrests the forward momentum, but the clutch stays engaged without slipping. You can then manipulate the throttle lightly in the 5-10MPH range and it will drive just like a traditional clutched car. It isn't smooth as you move between throttle and no throttle, but I'm pretty sure the clutch stays engaged throughout. I'm speculating on that as you never know what the computer is doing, but the behavior is exactly like driving a pedal-based clutch car where the clutch is fully engaged in 1st gear.
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Low-speed maneuvers are tricky, just as with a true manual, because your moving the clutch to engage, slip, etc. Just via the am't of throttle you give it.

I re-read some older posts after my long explanation, and slipping in All Weather mode or any other mode is just done via throttle mapping. Light throttle, via the mapping or driver, forces slippage. There is no other way to spin up the trans and move the car if the engine is barely above idle and you're asking for forward progress.

If you ever went somewhere where a bunch of supercars were trying to park, automated manuals don't help them look good. Low-speed maneuvers make me cringe when others are pulling into a parking spot. Looks like amateur hour.

You need to be direct, firm and confident. Point, squirt forward, brake. You have a brake pedal. No driving instructor will teach you to two-foot it, but it is a technique that gets you on the break RIGHT NOW. Garage wall avoided.



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If you want to make the car noticeably smoother on and off throttle may I suggest adding the PowerFlex motor mount reinforcing bushing. I put the street one in my car and the difference is huge! There isn't anymore driveline jerkiness when accelerating or decelerating. About the only negative is at highway speed the throttle can be sensitive, but then again, the whole car is sensitive... That's the idea.
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