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4C Steering geometry

I've owned my 4C Spider for 4 weeks and love everything about it, well almost everything. I have a few local roads (narrow lanes to be precise) that I use to exercise all of my five Alfas. However, I have found that the 4C, and don't forget this has the latest steering upgrade, still tends to wander a bit too much on some surfaces and can also tramline if you encounter lorry ruts on the motorway. My attention was recently drawn to an article in the AROC-UK magazine written by Jamie Porter, the Alfa specialist in Royston, who has done some work on the steering geometry. There was also a report by the club chairman who posted his opinion on these changes to the geometry on the AROC forum having driven the car a few days ago. This led me to contact Jamie who invited me down to drive the car and give my opinion on the changes he's made. I'll not go too deep into the 40 bhp increase, the custom exhaust, or the rear suspension bushes, but I'm happy to report that the revised steering geometry is a revelation. I drove Jamie's 4C Coupe on all types of road surfaces around Royston, many of which replicated those I encounter in my local area and I have to say that the changes make a big difference. Apparently the changes to the camber and toe are quite small and have been arrived at by a lot of trial and error, they certainly make driving the car so much more relaxing. I'll be making arrangements to get mine done very soon.

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Care to post the toe and camber alignment settings when you get them? I'd love to be able to dial this out with an alignment.

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I'd also like to know. Shipping my car to Jamie isn't really an option.
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Ditto, if Jamie is willing to share. Obviously, it is his effort, and his option.
I'm guessing that the bushing changes are an issue only at hard cornering, so the improvements you noted are solely from the alignment.
I have forgotten - is the car still running on stock rubber?


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Stock rubber and original more extreme sport pack, I avoided the pitstop! There are two issues with the suspension which we have managed to sort out. The changes work just as well with all tyres and the bushes at the rear do allow more grip to be extracted. We have tested the new settings on our own car extensively and they work very well. We have also shared them with a couple of members of the forum to try, but just for the moment I have asked them to keep it to themselves. The mods on the front suspension are not expensive we are working on the production process for the rear today, at the moment the rear wishbone machining is done by hand
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Hi Guys, below is my latest report on my 4C Spider just posted on the AROC-UK forum regarding the revised steering geometry.

After a horrendous drive this morning down to Jamie Porter's at Royston (A14 congestion was terrible) I finally arrived at the 'Alfa Workshop' for Jamie Porter to work his magic on the steering geometry of my 4C Spider. Having already clocked up about 1200 miles I was really getting into the spirit of things with the car and beginning to push on a bit more than usual. The 4C really is a great car but needed this particular geometry tweak to make it brilliant. I have not been so happy with the behaviour of the car on some road surfaces and, having test driven Jamie's 4C which had had the geometry sorted, I was keen to get mine done.
There are still some local 'problem' roads around here that I still have to test the car on, but I'm confident that the new geometry settings have cured what can be an unsettling experience, certainly first impressions are great. On the journey home I found the car to be so much so much more pleasant and relaxing to drive than before. This vast improvement is down to a lot of deveolpment work by Jamie involving the addition of shims in the right places and a lot, and I mean a lot, of fine tuning on the toe in/out by Jamie and Ben who are perfectionists when it comes to doing the job. I am well pleased.
Updates later.

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Hi AlfaArnold,

Nice review, I too had my 4C set up by Jamie and the results are night and day in my opinion. I'm thinking about stiffer springs in the front though to dial out the remaining understeer and a set of lightweight OZ Ultraleggera's with some stickier rubber so may need further fine tuning. Did you go for the ECU upgrade?

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Jamie - a question about shims. While I wait for you to release your recipe, I have 16 shims waiting for me at the dealer. I ordered these before learning of your improved shims. Will I have any issues using them? Because, well, they want me to pay for them.
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Use them its not an issue

Jamie Porter
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Jamie, i appreciated much you gave an insight of what the rear arms modifications do, did you write anywhere what the front ones do also? Are the front and rear arms planned to be changed together and at the same time or are they indipendent.
I have some other four people here in italy interested (well.. i'm the fifth but i don't have the car yet), for track use.. at this time we have done some setup work by adding negative camber and changing the from caster using shims, but what we are looking is modified arms for a "cleaner" caster management and more negative camber.. it would be useful to understand if the suspension arms you made address this or not, and if they add more.. thanks
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