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DIY: Coilpack removal

For those considering swapping out your stock Bosch coilpack for an upgraded coil pack like the Okadas/Ignition Projects Plasma Coil Packs or needing access to the spark plugs for replacement or upgrade, here is my DIY for the coilpack removal process.

1. Remove your engine cover to expose the engine's surface.
2. Locate the 4 coilpacks and start right to left.
3. Find tiny hole in the yellow tab

4. Using a poke tool, wedge the tip into the yellow tab hole and gently extract the yellow tab outwards. Note that this yellow retaining tab will disengage the harness lock but does NOT come all the way out and off.

5. Using your thumb, depress the black tab above the yellow tab.

6. While anchoring the coilpack in your right hand, use your left hand (while depressing black tab) to break vacuum seal to disengage coilpack harness.

7. Using a 10mm rachet, remove the coilpack anchor bolt.

8. Firmly grasping the top of the coilpack, pull coilpack straight up. There will be a vacuum effect of the coilpack boot over the spark plug.

9. Now, you access to the spark plug as well.

10. To reinstall coilpack, simply reverse the process.
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