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  • mobilejay ·
    Just wanted to let you know I posted some pictures of me detailing the car but I don't want to overstep any boundaries since I'm not a sponsor. If this is not allowed please let me know and I will take them down and chill out on those type of posts from now on. I tried to post with more of an informative notion rather than a "hey I'm a detailer" type of post. Either way let me know if this is not ok and I will take it down. Thanks!
    freps25 ·
    Hi It's Stéphane, from France I would like to make the same choice on my 4C, make sides skirts:

    Could you please send me the plans (pdf) and the 3D drawing? What is the dimension of the centers of the fixing holes?

    My Mail adresse:

    [email protected] In advance thank you very much it's nice cordially Stéphane
    4Canada ·
    Hi all. I have notifications for visitor messages turned off, and don't look at them often enough.
    If you need to reach me, please PRIVATE MESSAGE me instead so that I do not miss out on what you have to say.
    And sorry to those that I have missed.

    Thank you!
    GMS ·

    I was thinking if we could open new subforum called "Events". So we could post all the actual events, trackdays and meetings we would participate. I am organising a private Transfagarasan - Romania tour in August and Nurburgring - Germany private trip in November so maybe it would be a good idea to share this with other people who might want to join.

    Let me know what you think.


    netbuster ·
    I read on another forum (I think) that you had the boot lid spoiler - or at least knew stuff about it.
    I just got mine with a small roll of tape to glue it to the boot lid.
    Should that be applied at the front of the spoiler (in the direction of the car)? A bit further back there is a slight hollowness - not sure if that is the spot.
    All the best
    Nimo ·
    I can't seem to upload my pdf file on the dyno graph. Can you help? I tried everything from dragging the file and trying the attachment method.

    Magari5! ·
    Thanks for the like Canada.. I'm from Ontario (Sarnia). Lived there the majority of my life with some brief time in London, Mississauga, and Belleville.
    4Calgary ·

    I remember you posting a photo of a 4C Helmet you got for track days. Where did you get it and how much was it? I'm thinking of taking my 4C to a track this summer.


    Alfanut ·
    I'm sorry too. Can't help but think that shutting down the conversation plays into the hands of competing vendors. Vendors who know this will happen will openly go off topic to have the discussion closed. This only benefit them. I just wanted to pass on the news I read on Eduard's forum and have some positive discussion as this appears to be, for us down here in the antipodes, genuinely exciting news. By the way, and with some irony, I have purchased goods from Jamie, EUROCOMPULSION, Centerline and Andre but not from Eduard as yet. I understand you are in a difficult position. No hard feelings. Regards, Jim.
    4Canada ·
    Nice. $125 premium for the carbon fibre casing is a but rich, for something you are likely going to have to replace in four years, though!

    Like your bulbs thread. Did similar to my Honda (blue interior, bright white license LED's).

    4Canada ·
    And trust me - I've only started the car twice so far, and put 200Km on it, but initial impression is that it is SO worth the wait.

    What everybody who has one has been telling us all along, is true. The car turns heads everywhere, is as beautiful inside as it is from the outside, sounds like no other 4-cylinder I've heard, and accelerates like a bike must (I'm not a blker, but no car I've ever driven can do what this car does).

    So, don't stress about the wait, and good luck.

    What colour did you order? Coupe, or Spider?
    4Canada ·
    If the information on the forum is correct, then the factory has not opened up for N. American orders again since the first dealer cars in December. Jordan gave me similar information. Supposedly, that won't happen until late summer or early fall (from piecing together various bits of information - remember, I am not the source of this).
    If these cars get made in the fall/winter, they will theoretically be ready to ship in winter. Keep in mind, however, that some of the cars ordered by Malibu4C and Seth333 and docron have been built (per their dealers) since end of March, and have not left Italy yet. But realistically, do you care if your car arrives in December, February, or March? As long as you have it to drive on that first warm day next spring!!!!
    4Canada ·
    Hi La Rocca.

    Short answer: I was worried about the same thing, and they looked after me. That should give you some hope.

    If you ordered that early, you will get a car. I'm pretty confident of that. The question is: when?
    It is up to Italy, not Nino now. They told me that all orders got been forwarded when they were received.
    Of course, mine from back in August was only to put my spot in line. I was not able to actually spec the car until January.
    That's what you get when you want to buy a car that isn't really available yet!
    La Rocca ·
    Hey 4Canada Congratulations!!! I also placed an order this year on Easter weekend with Jordans Father Nino, nice guys, I'm just worried I will never get my car since it looks like you have ordered a long time before I.
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