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  • Safire ·
    Hi Chris. Whats the status of your middle intercooler for the 4C? I believe I saw you post that you were going to make one after the one member blew his.
    Safire ·
    Hi Chris. I recently purchased a '17 4C Coupe and am undoubtedly going to purchase the V2 upgrade late Jan '18 sop that my father in law and I can have a projects when he comes to visit. Quick question:

    Does the V1/2 ECU clone tune require me to send in the original ECU or is it sent as a plug and play with the ability to revert back without having to ship back and forth? (car is stock)
    Alfacanada ·
    Hi Chris i am interested in the paddle extensions you sell but concerned if the glue sticks enough. Do you use them? Work out ok?
    Magari5! ·
    Hi Chris,

    A few questions hopefully you won't mind responding to. I am new to the 4C world with a recent 2016 spider purchase. I am considering the eurocompulsiion V2 purchase however if I understanding things correctly, I will also require the V1 as well. I am told that this product will offer a bit more hp which is good however I am really looking to intensify the already awesome sound. Do you feel that the product will support my hopes? Also, what is the reality that a novice car mechanic could install these parts? I have viewed a few online instructions which in some cases suggest a fender and wheel removal. For me its not so much the savings but rather the pride to work on my vehicle. With that said, I may be better to tackle another task before I start something like this..
    RKBerta ·
    You will probably get my PHase I ECU today or tomorrow that will be upgraded to Phase II. I do have a question. There are some comments on the 4C forum that there MAY be a difference between the stock ECU on the regular cars vs. the LE which mine is. Is there any truth to this...I doubt it myself?

    Looking forward to getting my ECU power back...stock is so boring.
    Marou ·
    Hello there, I live in Morocco and i own a black 4C. we have no such things as racetracks so i need more straightline speed, i am just scared that the gearbox would give away; i am not interested in being "stuffed".
    my questions are:
    is the ECU safe to work with 91 octane petrol or should i start buying octane boosters?
    is the gearbox going to be safe with the extra torque?
    would you recommand that i get the silicone hoses or wait for the carbon fiber pieces? (i read that somewhere)
    and last but not least, do you deliver to Morocco in any way or form?
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