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  • johnnicklin ·
    Hey Doc did you wind up getting oil caps made and are they available? I didnt see that the post went anywhere actionable... Thanks!!

    Antithos ·
    Do do you want Milo's contact info I have it . I see you're still trying to get payment from him for one of those caps
    Schizoid ·
    Hey, Ron. Do you have any recommendations for a good alignment shop around Columbus? Everything I'm reading makes me think I should have that thoroughly checked and set before spring rolls around. I was thinking of trying Auto Assets in Powell. Any other ideas?
    Z00L ·
    But Australia doesn't want to bite your ass :D

    Anyway, reserve me one on the topic, please...i'm going to take a plunge on it anyway :D
    Z00L ·

    Did you had the chance to find out the USPS postage to Portugal?

    I'm not sure if you get my last message with my Address, so here it goes again:

    A/C Samuel Rocha
    Tubos Vouga Sistemas de Engenharia, SA
    E.N. 249 - 4 Rua Florêncio Freire - Trajouce
    2785-663 São Domingos de Rana

    It's my job address, it's easier for me to receive it there.

    Also, don't check the item as a "gift", customs are on to it :)
    It's better to list it as $20 for example, since it doesn't get taxed at that value.
    Z00L ·

    Sending by USPS there's a slight chance it doesn't get stopped at Customs (which on top of paying more is a hassle with documentation to release it).
    I reckon it will also look nice without any engraving, just the sweet aluminum look will be fine :)

    Z00L ·
    Hi, sorry to bother you.

    About the caps, question wall :)

    - Can you send mine to Portugal via USPS? How much would be the shipping?

    - Can it be "plain", without the Biscione engraving?

    That's it :)
    Alfa RPh ·
    Hey Ron,

    Registered for the Dragon today. Still not sure I'll get the days off, but I bet I'm able to swing it. Figured I could cancel the registration if something falls through.

    Looking forward to it. I want to make sure we get a chance to get a pic of all or at least most of the 4Cs together. If anyone there has plans to do that, let me know. I know you mentioned there are photographers that are usually stationed along the route. Do you know if they sell those pics?
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