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  • DrPyro2k ·
    Hi Gary-

    Sorry I missed your message, for some reason it didn't popup on the forum. Sadly, family obligations usually prevent me from travel to Cresson. The next event I will be at is the TDE event at MSR-H in March. The only suggestion for modifications I would make for your first event is put in good pads and swap the brake fluid. At the minimum, you can just swap the rear pads to Fedora DS2500 as they are quite close in performance to the OEM fronts. The car gets rather playful due to weak rear pads when high speed braking. I only really had the issue at corner #1 at TWS. But I changed them after my first event. I ran DS2500 for quite a few events, but I have since moved to PFC-11 pads all around. I'm very happy with the PFC pads and will keep running them in the future.

    Bingo13 ·
    Will you be at Cresson in February with TDE? I have been traveling so much that the car only has 450 miles on it and I missed all the track events in January. So I will be completely stock and a first timer. I wanted to speak to you in person about any mods. I am signed up for MSR-H in March with TDE also.

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