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  • Maxster ·
    I know what tires to use on a Boxster and on a Lotus, I am at a loss with picking tires for the 4c. What tires are you using on the track? When are you going to MSR?
    hornetball ·
    I haven't done anything heavy, but the 4C is built like a race car. If you needed to, the body panels come off the chassis easily giving full access to everything.

    For basic stuff (oil change, brakes), the 4C is straightforward. No surprises/tricks.

    Yes, I'm an old aviator. Old enough to have been based at Cecil Field (cruised on Saratoga) with all the Hoovers.
    GQRob ·
    I'm looking into purchasing a 4c within next few months. I see that you perform at least some of your own maintenance. I am a former HPDE'er (track junkie) and am used to performing basic maintenance such as oil changes, brakes, modification installations, etc on my own cars. How owner/maintainer, maintenance friendly is the 4c in your opinion? I've been following the forum for a bit but are there any recommendations that you have for a person searching for a used 4c hard top?
    Also, I see the Hornet. Are you a pilot? I used to be an avionics tech on the ole S-3B Viking. I now work at SPAWAR as a civilian engineering tech.

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