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  • smc4C ·
    Hi Jamie,

    I would like to get the alignment blocks for my 4C. I'm trying to decide which set to get. I would only track it once, maybe twice a year. Mostly for spirited daily driving and fun weekends. Can you give me an idea of the castor/camber numbers for the different sets?

    Thank you,
    DrDuke ·
    Hey Jamie!

    Everything fine on the island?

    Can you tell me a bit more about your clutch? How many Nm can it handle? Is it avaiable?

    It looks like there is no alternative to your product right now.

    Ps: Maybe change the text on your website from "300Hp" to "up to xxx Nm"
    nariman ·
    i just read about race Ecu and Turbo upgrade
    Can u please let me know how much is Race Ecu? Also turbo upgrade?
    And one more question is there a possibility to raise RPM in the future?
    jamiealfa ·
    the Hybrid turbo was a little disappointing as far as power was concerned hence we are working on the twin scroll turbo. There is a significant restriction in the exhaust manifold which has caused us issues
    Nimo ·
    Hi Jamie,
    I'm interested in the Hybrid Turbo exchange that your working on. Can you tell me if this is available?
    If so, the pricing and how long is the turn over. I can Fedex my turbo and manifold anytime.


    enziof ·
    Have you noticed the bizarre problems that some are having with the transmission when manual shifting is used? Just wondering if you are see the same issue in England, and if so, what is the solution to the problem.
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