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  • 4Canada ·
    It's not just you. I'll report it, as this is beyond what I have control of.

    Thanks for letting me know.
    davetran ·
    Thanks Peter,

    Yah, Cassie will take care of it. She told me it was holiday party or something like that (she worked at a hospital to gain experience for med school) but she will be on top of the issue in lieu of all the craziness at the clinic. Hope she does not drop the ball this time.
    Will like the brakes and rotors for sure, since I have no issue with the stock ones.
    Happy Holidays !
    davetran ·
    Hi Peter,

    Sorry for the mishap. Cassie contacted me today and I spotted right away her mistake (kids !).
    She already opened and had Chase account and already closed BofA acct. I told her to resolve the issue asap.
    She promised will be on top of it.
    I do not have BofA, only Wells fargo,. If you have wells fargo also, then I can do surepay. I can instruct WF to send you a check, but that will take a couple days at least. I will let Cassie get in touch with you for now.
    Again, I apologize for the mishap.

    davetran ·
    Hi Peter,

    I already told my daughter about the pickup of the rotors.
    Her number is 4083107035 and her name is Cassandra Tran
    My number is 4087813344.
    We can be texted any time,
    Let me know how you want to be paid. I can tell Cassie to bring you a check, I paypal you, or if you have wells fargo account, I can surepay you.

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