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  • [email protected] ·
    Sorry I am still trying to figure this website out.
    I did not manage to go to the Autocross unfortunately.
    Work makes me travel quiet a bit.

    So the event this Saturday is called FLUiD Carchaeology Tour
    starts at 1:30 pm until 7:00pm
    it begins at 18181 Hall Road (Lakeside Alfa Romeo)
    Touring making a few stops and ending at Pizza Plex in Detroit for some authentic Napoli Pizza.
    Check it out on facebook and check in for head count.

    I love the launch edition I wanted one so bad. however I am pretty happy with our 4C

    My name is Antonio by the way. I was born in Italy and moved to the USA in 2007. I have been US Citizen since 2013 and absolutely love my life here.
    email or text me at [email protected] - (734)-377-4178
    Ciao !
    Ivanivnk ·
    Thanks so much for the info, and the time to write your extensive message,

    As i am concerned about warranty issues, ( otherwise i would go for the euro stage 2 intake),

    I think ill just go with a higher flow air filter element for the time being,,

    The alfa delaer here in Canberra would have to be really hard up and try to call out a no warranty on a replacement air filter, and would have to prove the it directly affected or caused damg d compared to the choked up paper one..

    Our dollar is pretty ordinary here so the phase 2 ecu is not an option at the moment, considering we get charged here an addditonal 20 percent on gst and import coast on the us dollar on anything over $1000 aud.

    Tyres for me no dramas, just want a very basic simple, non warranty upgrade to let the car breather easier,

    Thanks again for your email and advice, rellay appreciate it,


    Count Me In ·
    Good day from Montreal

    Will order the Garmin Nuvi 2589LMT in combination with the BC™ 30 Wireless Backup Camera. Should have it next week and will install it soonest.

    I will use your messages and ideas as a template for the set up.

    Thanks again
    [email protected] ·
    No there are not any differences that we have seen to date. If there is, we will be able to make adjustments for it. It will be on the way back to you tomorrow :)
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