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  • Docron ·
    Hello Samuel,

    Your cap was shipped out on Thursday USPS First Class.
    Customs # LC630049114US

    I did mark down "Merchandise" for $20 value rather than gift at your recommendation. :)
    Please do let me know when you get it.

    Docron ·

    Ok, so via USPS First Class it will be $13.50 for shipping and should take about a week.
    So, for a plain aluminum cap without engraving will be $50 plus $13.50 shipping USD.

    Let me know if this is good with you, I'll give you my paypal address and will package one cap up and ship it out on Thursday.

    Docron ·
    Not yet....i will go to pot office tomorrow.
    Great tip on the "Gift" checking although I did that for the Customs declaration to Australia and it breezed right through.
    Z00L ·
    Use this one (is a company address, it's better for me to receive it there):

    A/C Samuel Rocha
    Tubos Vouga Sistemas de Engenharia, SA
    E.N. 249 - 4 Rua Florêncio Freire - Trajouce
    2785-663 São Domingos de Rana

    Don't use the "Gift" trick, they're on to it...the bastards, lol.

    But if you can mark it like $20 that would be great (any article below $25, i think, doesn't have to pay anything else more).
    Docron ·
    Oh yeah....

    Give me your address so they can enter it.
    When doing customs, I do check it as a "gift" with zero value so that should help with customs.
    Docron ·
    I can.... let me take it to the PO on monday and get some pricing. And yes, I can send one without engraving and it will be cheaper.
    Will let you know early next week.

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