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  1. Clear oil change alert

    Engine and Technical
    I can confirm this works. Also worked on my wife's GQV recently.
  2. Biletted Prometeo Oil Filler Cap Feeler

    Appearance & Body
    Count me in x1
  3. Ohlin's

    Tires, Wheels, and Suspension
    Hi Jamie, I'm pretty keen on a set of these. What's the status ATM?
  4. More than 1?

    Alfa Romeo 4C General Discussion
    I have a GQV, currently. Formerly had a 147gta, 159ti, 156ti, 146. Hoping to get the Guilia to replace the GQV next year:)
  5. Doc's Biscione Cooler Caps

    Classified Area
    Yes! Put me down for one Doc. P.m on the way.
  6. What did you do to your 4C today?

    Alfa Romeo 4C General Discussion
    My Bella at the dealer for some specialist work after finding my (footwell) leak issue was related to the carbon tub :/
  7. EC V2 intake video, typical SoCal weekend run

    Alfa Romeo 4C General Discussion
    Great Vid!.. lovely road.
  8. *Official* EUROCOMPULSION Alfa Romeo 4C V2 Intake System

    Engine and Technical
    Hi Chris, Am I on that dispatch list? I'll be away OS for 3 weeks from Tues so I'll need to organize someone to receive the package in my absence.
  9. Change to the Waste(gate) Management?

    Engine and Technical
    I find the wastegate shh's have it's own character and react differently to throttle differences at the time of gear change. For example if i sort of double or triple press the throttle when changing gears you get the staggered shh shh shh pop bang, but with a solid throttle press you get the...
  10. Launch Edition Owner - UK, Essex

    New Member Introductions
    JOE!... glad to see you on this particular forum and that you have made the leap to the 4C! (ItsNotSkywalker from Alfaowner) Hope you get to drive and not just to hire.
  11. Were you already an Alfisti or a Convert

    Alfa Romeo 4C General Discussion
    This is my 6th Alfa, and I have a photo of it as my desktop background...probably an Alfisti.
  12. What did you do to your 4C today?

    Alfa Romeo 4C General Discussion
    Wheels got this mornings wash treatment. Really loving my little finger pouch wash sponge and zymol Tyre conditioner.
  13. Eurocompulsion v1 air induction kit

    Engine and Technical
    Me too :) !
  14. Wiper to central position

    Alfa Romeo 4C General Discussion
    Turn off car. Activate the wiper stalk once to move it to ¼ position, move it again to go to center windscreen.
  15. How do you remove the engine cover?

    Engine and Technical
    Their is a tool available from somewhere (I know very helpful( A small flat head screwdriver and pliers did the trick for me. Putting them back on needs to be more tactile tho... I used a right sized socket bit to push them evenly and then some pliers to finish.
  16.  Carplay

    Does anyone know if their is a single Din HU available with Carplay for the 4c?
  17. What did you do to your 4C today?

    Alfa Romeo 4C General Discussion
    Of course it was red! 5 yr love affair but we parted on the best of terms.
  18. What did you do to your 4C today?

    Alfa Romeo 4C General Discussion
    Had my bumper and side skirts fitted with 3M clear pro today, looks good.
  19. What did you do to your 4C today?

    Alfa Romeo 4C General Discussion
    Made more room in the driveway after watching my 147GTA drive away with it's new owner :( Upshot is more time to spend tinkering on the 4C :)
  20. Tar, Tar Remover, and Wraps?

    Appearance & Body
    Fireball product is great... Not sure if you can get it in the US?
1-20 of 76 Results