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    Color: Bianco - Coupe Purchase: 07/2019 Your Hometown: Amsterdam your state: NH, The Netherlands dealer name: Vireo Auto/Savali dealer town: Houten dealer state: ZH, The Netherlands MSRP/Paid: $91K/ $74K Registration Date: 11/2017 Manufactured Date: 12/2015 VIN:ZAR96xxxxxxxxxxxx
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    Yeah, thanks. I see what you mean. At first I was never a fan of white cars, but that changed now: on the 4C the simple bianco pastel contributes to the design of the car.
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    Thanks Alfanut, Since I was looking for the coupe model with low KM's, I found only a couple 4C coupes for sale in the Netherlands. And this white 2017 one (in immaculate condition with sportpack) I found at an Alfa dealer. I acquired the 4C three weeks ago and it is not my first Alfa. In the...
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    Hi, just joined the 4C forum. I'm from the Netherlands and a proud owner of a 2017 4C Coupe Bianco. Greetings from Amsterdam!
1-4 of 4 Results