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Showcase cover image for 4Cn'it's 2008 West Racing Cars Vivace 908

General Information

West Racing Cars
Vivace 908
Gulf (light blue/orange)
Race track-only model purchased second-hand in winter 2015 to enjoy "the father and the son's quality time." We drive this every two month at nearby race tracks. I believe this is a make of 2008 but I could be wrong.

This car has a look of replica Porsche 908/3 (1970) but it's much smaller. The same chassis are fitted with some other different bodies resembling historic racing cars. Vivace and its sisters are built for one-make races by racing car constructor West Racing Cars based in Suzuka, although I haven't raced yet.

Powered by Toyota 4A-G, a 1.6-litre 4-cylinder engine often used in their sport models in 80's and early 90's, and weighing below 500kg (1,000lbs), this one is really exciting to drive, except its classical body shape generates no down force whatsoever. Pretty scary at high speed. In the very first drive after purchase, its brakes completely faded due to pedal setting problems and I almost crashed out of the first corner at 215km/h (135mph). A nightmare.
2008 West Racing Cars Vivace 908 (Gulf (light blue/orange))



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