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  1. Alfa Romeo 4C General Discussion
    I live in Europe and imported 4C from the USA. I have a problem with the selection of lights (the right front one is broken). According to the number from the US lamp, it is 50530729 (right). I have lamps 50530728 (right) and 50530720 (left) - are they different?
  2. Classified Area
    Hi Everyone, One of my local friends (Orange County, CA) is interested in purchasing a low mileage 2016-2018 Coupe. He's not on the forums yet and I'm trying to help him with the search. Here is what he's looking for and he's willing to ship the right car: COUPE Only 2016-2018 Basalt Gray -...
  3. Classified Area
    I'm reluctantly putting my 1 of 6 Carbon Fiber Roof + Akrapovic + Microfiber Seats in Madreperla Trofeo White 2017 Coupe up for sale to get into my dream car (also Italian). It took me quite a while to find this spec and I had to import it from British Columbia in order to get everything I was...
  4. Classified Area
    Putting my LE up for sale this week to make space for the Stradale Tributo. Will be dearly missed :cry: ZARBAAC46FM147098 Madreperla White 5,581 miles $54,995
1-4 of 4 Results