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  1. Classified Area
    Selling my EuroCompulsion Phase 2 ECU Clone. I'll handle shipping to EuroCompulsion and processing the transfer at a cost of $250. They will then ship to the buyer. Asking $1,200 including transfer and shipping.
  2. Classified Area
    I’ve sold my Alfa 4C and I have this spare ECU tuned by Eurocompulsion (phase 2). The price I'm asking is $1100 and I am willing to ship worldwide (I'm in Switzerland) if the buyer pays for the fee. I can also ship the ECU directly to Eurocompulsion so they can reprogram it for your needs. The...
  3. Classified Area
    $220 Local pick up in: Brea/Fullerton/Whittier/Rowland Heights preferred. Will ship at cost to buyer. Excellent condition. Loved the way my 4C looked with these. Used for 1 month before selling my 4C.
  4. Engine and Technical
    Hey all, this is a bit of a long one but I'll try to condense it as much as I can. This is a 2015 LE A few years ago when the car was stock (aside from pads and tires) I was at Pitt Race doing an HPDE where I felt the car was down on power. Near the end of the day I went to go power onto the...
1-4 of 4 Results