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  1. Classified Area
    Hello All , I'm going to try a group buy option . As everyone knows around the world prices are going up however MINE AREN'T . So here it is a group buy on my consoles/brake boot for 5 units minimum, Obviously the more the better . I currently have 3 cores for usage , The latest thanks to...
  2. Interior
    Lars has worked his magic again. I sent my centre console to him this winter from the UK for the work and needless to say I am impressed. I was originally looking to get the carbon fibre replacement but after seeing the leather finish my mind was made up. Hats off to Lars for doing this for...
  3. Classified Area
    Now accepting orders for interior parts, just covered the A pillars in a matching red Alcantara , working on seat belt covers and lower center console pieces as well ,center consoles as usual contact me with any needs .included is some pictures of my recent work .....lead time is down ...its...
1-3 of 3 Results