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  1. Sold: Wheel Spacers, 20mm Italian made with longer lug bolts included

    Classified Area
    Have an extra set of 20mm Italian made hubcentric spacers with longer lug bolts and rotor bolt. I decided to go with 25mm so no longer need these. Also I just put them on to see how they look, never drove with them to they are practically brand new. Bolts are not fancy but they are 10.9 grade...
  2. Trouble removing spacers

    Appearance & Body
    Hey y’all, I installed Athena spacers and found that the front (16mm) ones set the wheels a bit too far out for my taste. I ordered some 12mm replacements from Reparto Corse, but when I went to remove the Athena ones, they seem jammed on! I Searched the forums for advice on this topic, but...