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  1. Classified Area
    Selling my EuroCompulsion Phase 2 ECU Clone. I'll handle shipping to EuroCompulsion and processing the transfer at a cost of $250. They will then ship to the buyer. Asking $1,200 including transfer and shipping.
  2. Classified Area
    I’ve sold my Alfa 4C and I have this spare ECU tuned by Eurocompulsion (phase 2). The price I'm asking is $1100 and I am willing to ship worldwide (I'm in Switzerland) if the buyer pays for the fee. I can also ship the ECU directly to Eurocompulsion so they can reprogram it for your needs. The...
  3. Classified Area
    I’ve sold my Alfa 4C and I have this spare ECU tuned by Eurocompulsion. The price includes the tune of your choice from Eurocompulsion. I will ship the ECU to Eurocompulsion, and pay the $250 transfer fee to unlock the ECU so that you can use it in your 4C. You will communicate directly with...
  4. Engine and Technical
    Hello 4C fellas, As most of you know, among other projects we were also working on GMS Stage I ECU tune for Alfa Romeo 4C. We are a bit late to the game with all the different tunes flooding the market, but I wanted a map to fully utilize my current supporting power mods (GMS 3" exhaust, GMS...
  5. Classified Area
    I am selling my 4C so I removed my Alfa Workshop ECU CLONE Tune which they claim bumps your power to 280HP for a noticeable feel in speed and torque. This is their stage 1 tune so no additional hardware is necessary to enjoy this additional power. The nice thing with this clone is that you...
1-5 of 5 Results