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2015 4C Spider Alfa Rosso
8800 miles
DFW area

I made a mistake and bought a second 4C that I did not need last August. I am the third owner. It took me until the end of December to get the car licensed. It came from an area that did not require emissions testing. I tried three different ECUs to no avail and had to face up to the fact that I needed to remove the Capristo 100 cell downpipe which is included with the car. Most of the miles I put on the car were putting miles on the car before various emissions tests and gong to the shop 50+ miles away for alignment, oil change and a new right side roof latch. I have driven the car 250 miles in 2022.

My 4C Coupe would not get up my driveway so I had been storing it elsewhere. I do a lot of driving with it at the track, but, I did not take the spider to the track. I raised the 4C Coupe a fraction of an inch and now in one direction going almost sideways I can get up the driveway.

Although I removed the Capristo 100 cell downpipe and switched from EC intake version 2 to version 1 this car sounds really good.

ORIGINAL OWNER – Info From Second Owner
Prepared for the owner of our dealership, driven only by him, with the following modifications. (retail values shown including labor):

* Koshi Group Carbon Fiber Appearance Enhancements: front-grille V-frame, front bumper flaps, rear spoiler: $1680

* Suspension Correction Blocks by Alfa Workshop UK: Dramatically improve straight-line stability and cornering grip by introducing increased negative camber and positive caster into the front suspension geometry.$1000

* Rear Control Arms: Stiffer rear control arms and bushings aid in reducing deflection on track and with the increased grip of the wider wheels and tires. $1280

* Custom Intake, Exhaust and High Performance Software: High-flow center-exit exhaust system by Centerline substituted for restrictive dual-exit system. Couples with a Eurocompulsion intake elbow to increase inlet flow also. Optimized with a Eurocompulsion tuned ECU for a total power output of +/- 320 brake-horsepower at the wheels. $5000

* Ohlins Coilover Sport Suspension: Adjustable two-way Ohlins Motorsports shocks from Alfa9 with adjustable remote-reservoir dampers, Spring rates Optimized for spirited road-driving and occasional track usage, whist retaining a very comfortable ride. $7500

* Michelin Pilot Supersport Tires 245/40/18 in front and 285/30/19 in the rear. $1200

* Wheel-widening: Stock 5-hole Alfa alloys widened 1.5" front and back, yielding 18 x 8.5" width front and 19 x 10.5" rear. Wheels were laser-cut, had grooves cut into the halves, and the extra width has structural tongues to fit the grooves. Circumferential welding inside and out. Stronger than the originals! $900

* Custom Audio with Sony RSX-1 Hi-Res Music System: Custom high-end audio installation with Sony's RSX-1 system. Amplifier custom-mounted behind passenger airbag, speakers all hidden behind factory grills. High end digital-to-analog converters, hi-res Bluetooth audio. 45 hours labor to install. $4500

* Complete Ceramic Coat: 5-coats of hand-applied ceramic coating - a 4 day process. $2200

A total of over $25000 has been added to this stunning, 2200-mile 4C Spider. Mileage when original owner was selling.

7000+ miles when for sale by second owner
Alfa Romeo rear spoiler in carbon
Koshi parts: Griil V-frame, front bumper flaps
Alfa Works Blocks
Alfa Works rear control arms
Eurocompulsion V1 intake new (I removed V2)
Centerline Corsa and Stradale exhaust; one boxed up
Capristo 100 cell downpipe (replaced with stock) still have
SCARA73 Intercooler
SCARA73 aluminum tubes
SCARA73 Stage 3 ECU (removed; using stock ECU) Also have EC ECU Stage 2
Ohlins two-way road and track coilovers
Widened stock wheels
Front spacers 20 mm; rear spacers 30 mm
Custom high end audio
5 coats of ceramic coating
Beau’s toggle and HVAC controls
5 year service done
Bolt tightening done
OEM car cover and bag
Quick oil change adapter
Alfa trickle charger with connection in trunk

Spare Parts:
Stock IC and downpipe
Capristo 100 cell downpipe
Multiple intake hoses
Intercooler hoses

Replaced right rear roof latch


Tire Car Wheel Vehicle Hood


2018 Rosso Competizione 4C Spider, 2019 Rosso Competizione Giulia Quadrifoglio
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While some people refrain from upgrades when buying a previously owned car, I personally think these are some nice additions and this is a really good deal.
I hope someone picks this up fast and continues to give the car some TLC.
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