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I have exclusively offered Squadra tuning for 21 years. I am your US supplier to Squadra and will offer a Forum discount to those who mention this post. These tunes thoughtfully engineered precisely to bring you a car that is performs better. Thoroughly Dyno tested and after that tested further before a tune is available. When it comes to Squadra its not about higher HP and TQ, It's about refining it further, looking deeper within the ECU and other components that talk to the ECU that matter. Boosting Turbo pressure alone (which many others rely on as that aspect that impresses the customer) along with a few other parameters is not really tuning. Anyway, it has taken lots of time to perfect the 4C tuning but they have done it very well. I deal with squadra due to the long time relationship we have built ; we are both on the same page with brining you tunes that are true and transparent past the HP/TQ big numbers that other use to sell tunes.

$668.00 4C tune.

Call to order or order-line, mention the post for the discount. Squadra's 4C Tune. (1+/- week turn around)

In our introductory story, we usually tell something about the history of a particular model. Who the ancestor was, how the life course went about etc. etc. .. However, this is not possible with the 4C. The Alfa 4C can rightly be called a special Alfa. In all its facets, the 4C is a completely different car from what we are used to from Alfa. We can only tell you something about the name. Alfa has a rich history with the 6C, 8C and 12C models. A first derivative of this illustrious history is the 2008 Alfa 8C. The 4C was released in 2014. A special detail is that we already heard about a rear wheel drive car equipped with a TBi engine in 2009. A year before the 100th anniversary of Alfa Romeo. It should have been a gift to its own brand at the time. Most know how it ended.

Let us no longer look to the past, but rather to the future. Is Alfa going to make more of this kind of spectacle than? Well no. Not so far known.There is talk of the arrival of a “6C”. But then as a more luxurious coupe in the nature of the GTVs of yesteryear.

  • Developed for use with RON98 fuel.
  • Idle speed adjustment.
  • Throttle response adjustment in D position.
  • Adjustment of exhaust gas temperature strategy (limitation)
  • Adjustment thermostat control
  • Injection system type: Bosch MED17.3.3.
  • Type EPROM: Flash EEPROM.

Squadra Tuning is a renowned and respected chip tuning company specializing in the software tuning of cars from the FCA group. Due to this specialization, we are perfectly aware of all technical aspects. We develop the engine management software from our technical knowledge, years of experience and are realistic about what is and what is not possible in terms of torque and power gains. We distinguish ourselves by knowledge, quality and no-nonsense attitude. Our personal attention to the customer is also highly appreciated.

What can we, as a tuner, improve on a 4C? Well, in terms of torque and true gains we were therefore quickly out. A gain of around 40 Nm has a considerable impact on a 900 kg car. The power gain of 24 hp is also very nice. Certainly if one understands how this is realized. Only increasing the turbo pressure will not give the maximum power with a 4C. More needs to be done. The software is provided with calculation models for the exhaust gas temperature. When it reaches a certain value, the mixture is made considerably richer. As a result, a lower capacity. In practice, this is just not the case with full throttle in 3rd gear. In 4th gear from around 5000 rpm.In 5th and 6th only earlier. On a wealth bank it depends on how it is measured. There is no problem with a fast measurement. With a slower measurement it is. The strategy is activated as standard with a much too low (about 780 degrees) exhaust gas temperature. Every tuner knows that a turbo can easily handle 950 degrees. Because this is a calculation model, we will be well below that to be sure. If the strategy then possibly becomes active under really tough conditions, the enrichment that we apply is less strong than the factory does.
If lower grade fuel is used, the system will detect ping and leave the ignition.The calculation model is provided for this. With regular correction of the ignition, the exhaust gas temperature is calculated higher. In short, a nice model that you, as a tuner, have to make use of, provided you as a tuner understand how and why.

A second trick to generate reliable power is to influence the operation of the electronic thermostat. This is set so that the engine controls around 92 degrees when driving slowly. This is done purely for the environment. Nice, but when people want to accelerate from a quiet driving style, the first few minutes happen with a fairly hot engine. We have adjusted it so that the desired engine temperature is around 80 degrees. With really full gas even slightly lower. Thus the engine starts cool when one wants to go full on it.

We are convinced that a lot of tuning software is traded that are not provided with such adjustments. We also know that very wild capital increases are promised. However, we know for sure that they will not last.Every turbo has its limits. Every engine too. Finding the right balance between turbo pressure and the desired level of pre-ignition. Too much pressure gives a later ignition and soon less power instead of more.Inflammation missions may also occur.
Then the driveability of the 4C. Even a funeral home like a 4C must be able to maneuver through a village very quietly. On the open road it can go nice and loose and on a mountain pass or circuit it has to excel. In rain and snow, however, it must be considerably restrained. That's possible, Alfa has devised the DNA + R button for that. We have known the DNA button for some time. The R (ace) position is new.
The Alfa engineers made no effort at all to vary the torque and power in the positions. A shame because driving with 350 Nm and 240 hp in the All weather "rain and snow" mode is not convenient. They have made the accelerator pedal reactions different between positions.

Below is a table where you can see everything clearly.

We have significantly reduced the All Weather position. 250 Nm and 190 hp is still enough to keep driving. But the accelerator pedal response is no longer explosive. You could almost call it lazy. But in really bad weather, that's only nice.
We have also taken back the Natural or Normal position in terms of torque and power. 300 Nm and 220 hp in combination with a nice direct throttle response. Slightly less wild than standard but therefore much finer to dose.
The Race position is similar to the Dynamic position in terms of gas pedal response. The power and torque are then also maximum. 390 Nm and 264 hp. Full potential in the Dynamic mode but still with an electronic safety net from the ESP / ABS etc. In the Race mode all electronic safety nets are switched off. By default, the situation was such that the engine already at 60% throttle position full torque and power. That is no longer the case after tuning. The 390 Nms and 264 horsepower are distributed almost to the fullest. Result a more precise dosability.

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