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Ok guys weather if finally good , i started production today on arm rests , price will be 225 per plus shipping . shipping world wide i just will no longer use usps for out of country with the exception of Canada . if you guys want to pre order your configurations let me know a message on here than follow up by texting me at 516-509-0147. All materials were obtained today and ive already completed 5 base's .
To review this is a removable arm rest that sits in the "redbull" cup holder . piece is super light , will not rattle and can be remove easily . when ordering please let me know if you have a completed console(my leather covered console) or just a stock piece the sleeve will vary in size . I also make them for the Carbon koshi console . just please specify .
current configurations are all black based to match seats and dash ..
also have carbon material
yellow double stitching
red double stitching
black double stitching

both red and yellow are exact match to factory stitching , black is black , cant mess that up (no longer producing diamond )
below is example of fit and 2 different finishes and the arm rest weighed on at 5.4 oz
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