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Coupe sold. Kept wheels for Spider
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I actually got the tips and cover on eBay for $500 then made an Akra copy 3” Ti. Thinking about adding a muffler on one side, and a valve on the other. Pair with Scara 200cells cat. Sound just like another 4banger.
You MADE that Ti setup there must have a sweet connection to, or work at a shop??

So far all I got is this Akra 458 tail pipe finisher for inspiration. I was dead set on the Akra for obvious reasons, plus the stock 458 setup has a little dinky center pipe (probably fine for the 4C idle output but we gotta have the titanium w/ carbon surrounds). Plan is to run 2 valves, one normally open and the other normally closed. As long as the intake is pulling vacuum it will run out the single center. As soon as vacuum approaches 0 (and under boost) the valves will switch and the Y will redirect to a split and exit the two outer........ Too bad it will never scream like a 458 Banshee. It will likely be an experiment in bullets, resonators, and pipe diameters until it doesn't sound like a fart can. I hope it's fun..... still have to buy a car to put it on:p
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21 - 21 of 21 Posts