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For me an Alfa has unique and capable driving dynamics, cutting edge technology and beautiful designs. They have stubbornly Italian features. 4C fits this definition as does a Stelvio that is fit for a different purpose. Would be nice if Alfa would expand their presence in Motorsports besides sponsoring Sauber. One of my best Alfa memories is watching Fangio drive the Type 159 Alfetta F1 championship car at Laguna Seca in 1984. Every Alfa should have some of that DNA.
I think Peter has it right here. I was in the garage all weekend tinkering with the Giulietta and the Boat-tail and I discovered what was "right" and what was "wrong" with Alfa. The Giulietta has a solid rear axle located by coil spring and tube shocks, an all aluminum DOHC engine, brake big enough to stop the Metro-Liner and a sculpted body designed by Pininfarina. Same for the Boat-tail... Then, they were cutting edge stylish modern GT/Sports Cars that could more than hold their own with any competition.

Then I looked at my wife's 1987 Spider Veloce Same specs as the other two but fast forward 30+ years and really nothing has changed.... Except the rest of the world. There were now three affordable mid-engine GT cars available, one with Italian style and the archaic British roadsters had all been left for dead... Lotus and Porsche had moved on too. BMW had the corner on the Sports Sedan market because Alfa never developed the Giulia or the Alfetta Sedan into world class cars. (Yes, I had and Alfetta sedan, it was my favorite Alfa. Still want another one) So what is wrong with the '87 Spider? the body style hadn't been redone for 17+ and wouldn't be for another 7, the brakes while adequate were not great, the suspension was not modern and neither were the passenger accommodations. Sure it has power windows and A/C but the A/C wouldn't keep itself cool and the window drives are notorious for cable issues...Oh and by the way it was too expensive...

So where did this lead me?

Alfa needs to have -as Peter so eloquently put it "unique and capable driving dynamics, cutting edge technology and beautiful designs" - it really doesn't matter who build the underneather as long as it has the required, necessary "Alfaness".
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