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And yet the death numbers for the whole country don't show this. Approximately 7k more died in 2020 than in a typical year in Sweden....or about 0.07%. If Sven has covid and dies of a heart attack, what is his cause of death? In the US, covid killed him. Looking at the trending death rates per country and comparing them with current stats will net a better understanding of covid impact and allow a more honest discussion. We all know the counting is fuzzy, why don't we look more at the trends that paint a better picture of the impact?

Sorry. Back to the Alaska 4c....
Yes, tough one to call.
If you have a heart attack behind the wheel, wind up crashing your car, and are found dead in the ensuing wreck, what took you?
Similarly, if your blood oxygen is too low on account of covid that your heart stops functioning, possibly in addition to contributing factors like atherosclerosis that you've thus far lived with, then which statistic do you fall under?
It's not cut and dried, as nobody actaully "dies of covid". The actual cause of death will be organ failure, stroke, cardiac arrest, or acute respiratory failure brought on by pneumonia.

I guess the analogy is: you have a flat tire. You just hit a pothole, but your tire is balder than Telly Savalas. What was the cause of the flat? One could say the pothole, and be correct. One could say the underlying condition of the tire which would have survived the pothole if it were newer, and probably also be correct.

Normal "death statistics" are also a bit hard to compare with. Vehicle fatalities, work place deaths, and "death by misadventure" (such as recreation) are all down when there are closures. Certainly, the elderly (such as in nursing homes, where covid had its worst effects) were all going to die fairly soon anyhow. But one cannot imply that their deaths didn't count because of that.

Anyhow, I get your point and don't want to belabour it (though looking back at all of this, I guess I did, a bit).

I just didn't get the "export it to Sweden" comment, as physically it's half a world away. So it really was irrelevant to the conversation.

OK, on to Alaska... "North, to Alaska, go North, the rush is on..."
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