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Rumour has it that you can put your money down in October, things you need to know or weigh up. from someone who knows. 4C 3years in the making from concept

Alfa Romeo 4C shes/he's like a beautiful Italian model you want it, need it:heart: dating a super model has its draw backs.see insurance
she/he is look but dont touch (unless your Clarkson or Harris)
What you will need;
1) The patience of a Saint, you will not feel the steering wheel or press her/his buttons for a long long time (3500 units Worldwide per year est.)
2) 1000 4CLE's gifted to the world in Feb 2013, only 400 in EMEA have found their partners,mine promised for Dec 2013, ROW/AMERICA still waiting
3) Alfa dont talk to their dealers and dealers reluctant to talk to Alfa and they certainly will not talk to you (dealer will be more then happy to take your deposit).
4) Not what you would call a practical car, hard to park (no power steering, sticky P Zeros) get rear sensors (cats, Kids etc), its wide check out price for new wing mirrors, they will get wacked, low to the ground kerbing of alloys and cills, watch your front air dam speed bumps, will get loads of attention
in public places (scratches touching your c.fibre headlites etc.) If you fix your front reg. plate you will cringe every time you look at the front. You will be tailgated and run the gauntlet of boy racers but you got 4.5 to 62mph and 161 mph.
Insurance probably High C.Fibre envy people may try to steal her away, get a tracker, 41 mpg £170 road tax(UK).
Supreme track day car, will be very rare car residuals will be high, dont tinker with it new Filters or remap probable voiding warranty.(use launch control sparingly)
Good Luck and follow the forums, watch the vids read the reveiws its gonna a be a a long time just like an Italian model just out of touch;
PS only time will tell if shes/he's High Maintenance!!!!!!!!!!!!
PPS you will probably end up like Deppio/Kaliber/ and Virul

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5) You will need to plan all routes using Google Maps street view to ensure there are no traffic calming devices, high curbs, nasty surprises. This will take longer than the actual journey.
6) Measure your garage and check your drive. The 4C lead time could be a blessing as you:
a. rebuild your garage (if you are Virul - add underfloor heating, carpet, curtains, viewing chair and water purification device to the tap used for cleaning)
b. rip up your drive and relay with less incline

BTW Virul. Pls amend point 3 with an Australia clause. AR have forbidden their dealers from taking anymore deposits.
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