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Where's Dani?
Not that I encourage gratuitous sexism but I do admire a curvaceous female figure. Thanks to Boba, ex-4C owner from Kazakhstan and his accommodating girlfriend. A very photogenic example of the female form.
Is that good enough for you?


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Hmm, nice headlights! :smile2:
I’ve never been a fan of the Euro headlights - until now, that is!

Yeah, it’s hard not to go from admiration to sexism. Hopefully nobody here is busy looking for things to be offended by.

I think that Italian car design, more than perhaps most, draws inspiration from a beautiful female figure, and it is hard to appreciate one and not the other. There have been some tasteful photos posted here in the past, by other members and a few online from car shows and the SBK series

1 - 20 of 2489 Posts