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First off, I just want to thank Dave Breen for providing amazing documentation and installation support. He quickly answered questions via email or Facebook Messenger despite the timezone difference between us. The installation guide he provides is also well-written with great quality step-by-step photos. Shipping was incredibly fast. I ordered the wheel on a Friday night, he shipped it out on the following Monday from the Netherlands, and it arrived on my doorstep in Toronto, Canada on the Wednesday.

Second, I REALLY dislike the OEM steering wheel. I apologize to any I may offend, but I came very close to selling the car many times just because of the OEM steering wheel. I find it has poor ergonomics and looks fugly. Even the base Stelvio/Giulia have better-feeling wheels IMO. I have smaller hands and cannot comfortably hold the wheel at 9 and 3. When watching footage of track days with my hands at 10 and 2 in the Alfa versus at 9 and 3 in my old Elise, I can see and feel the lack of confidence through tight corners and jittery turn-in at speed. Lotus did it the right way: using a MOMO wheel and just slapping the Lotus logo on top of the horn/airbag.


BREEN's product page: Breen Engineering


There are great resources already on airbag/wheel removal (sport steering wheel from Mopar) so I will just add my 2 cents on difficulties I encountered.
I'm a novice mechanic - oil/brake/transmission fluid changes, brake pads/rotors, coilover and toe link installation, oil pan removal, cutting holes for seat grommets for race harness. That's about the extent of what I have done on my cars. I really struggled with the airbag removal though. Embarrassingly, I think that alone took me 30+ minutes of poking around in the dark to figure out. What they say in videos is true, you just have to "feel" for it with your fingers. Me: "Is this it?" Wife: "No." <sighs and rolls eyes>

Airbag Removal
In these two photos, you can see the scratched plastic where I kept jamming/wiggling my Allen key wrench. Underneath the metal plate, you can see the dark-colored metal rod/pin that needs to be pushed. It is a rounded metal rod, so that is another reason why using a flatter tip like an Allen key is better than something like a Phillips screwdriver. A square tip would have been even better. What they say in other airbag removal videos (there's an Abarth one I watched) is also true, your tool doesn't need to be too long as you risk going too far and poking something that isn't meant to be poked.


Airbag Eliminator Kit
Be very gentle w/ these plastic plugs. When removing from the OEM airbag, use your fingernails to gently pull up the yellow release tab. Then the purple/orange plugs should pop out easily. DO NOT USE A PRY TOOL. OMG see the scratches I made on the plastic? So much fail.
When inserting the plugs into the provided eliminator kit, first push them in with the release tabs still disengaged. The fit should already be snug. Then push down on the tabs to fully secure the plugs.

Wiring Harness for Shifters/Brake Horn
Again, be SUPER CAREFUL with the plastic bits. I pulled the black tab upwards too hard and it snapped off. The harness/plug still mated well, but I might go back in there and reinforce with some electrical tape just in case.


I really wish Alfa made the OEM wheel this diameter, and with the spokes at 9 and 3 with a thinner width/profile than the gargantuan spokes they ended up with. I won't "review" much about the BREEN wheel itself since it's a Sabelt product. The cost of the product goes more towards the development of the paddle shifter implementation and airbag eliminator kit.

The paddles themselves are aesthetically pleasing. I think I personally would have preferred a slightly thicker and contoured profile, but they do the job. As for shifting feel, the pulls are not visceral or clicky. They're not mushy either, but I would describe the pull feel as a little on the softer side (not a super high level of resistance, but still feels good). (Squadra Sportiva) offers a race steering wheel that has adjustable pressure points and quick release hub. I'm sure it is an excellent product but it is also roughly double the price, and at the time when I contacted them, they did not have a plug and play wiring harness for the pins. My electrical skills are even worse than my mechanic skills so the BREEN wheel was an easy choice for me.

The horn button works. It's a button. I'm just getting used to the placement but once winter/COVID-19 madness is over and I get to spend more time in the car, I will hopefully stop slapping my honking hand against the BREEN logo. Actually, the way the horn button is connected to the wheel is really quite sturdy, great design from that perspective.

Overall very happy w/ the purchase. I feel like I can truly "feel" the car's steering movements now, which is kinda the whole point of owning a manual steering rack sportscar.

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Thanks for the detailed review, looks like a nice product. I'm not in love with the look of the stock wheel but it fits my hands fine and I'm not bothered enough to do anything about it.

Side rant - I can't stand it when companies use Facedork as their primary web presence. The whole world is not on FB (I don't do any social media, never have) and I think it's lazy and short sighted to use FB only. No mention on their FB page of what that setup costs, in fact they seem to actively hide that info with "contact us for price" - another peeve of mine. Rant over.
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