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Now that I installed an oil catch can I cleaned the throttle body and inspected the intake valves. I then used Caramba and Liquid-Moly throttle and valve cleaner. I was able to clean the throttle body off the car but I opted to spray the cleaner while I ran the car at 2000 rpm. I'll do it a few more times over the next few weeks then inspect.

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How many miles do you have on your car? That cleaner seems to work quite well....would be worried about any possible negative consequences to seals, sensors, etc. Maybe OK but I recall reading in the ALFA owners manual a warning about using such cleaners. Cleaning the throttle body off the car is probably OK but running through engine I would be careful.

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That's how pretty much any modern car with an DFI engine and poor PCV venting looks like. Some manufactures started using dual port (DFI and non DFI fuel injection combo) to solve the issue, but in our case, installing an OCC and manually cleaning the intake is pretty much all you can do. Light mist of water spray can be used (on a running engine) as well and it does no harm to the engine.

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Seeing how bad some DFI engines can get with carbon buildup, I knew for peace of mind I had to see how the 4C has done after 40,000 miles.

The intake tract was coated in oil gave everything a clean out and will be installing an air/oil separator to reduce future contamination.

I was actually surprised of the condition. here is each running before and after cleaning
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I just used carbon cleaner and brushes, also used bundle of cable tie ends to try to get around the back of each intake valve. Just make sure when you do this that each valve you are cleaning is completely closed. I tape off 3 ports then turn crank over under valve completely closed work on that cylinder then tape it off move to next and rotate crank repeat.

I made a video of process if you skip to ~20s in there is video down each dirty runner.

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