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For those of us following the two "4C" hill climb cars....this is a neat Youtube video showing how one is put together. Obviously more of a funny car (US drag racing slang for a unlimited class of cars that only has a slight resemblance to the real thing) but still cool. When I saw the headlights I was reminded of the fake headlights on Nascar stockers here in the US. One car uses a turbo 4 cylinder and the other a NA 6 cylinder...neiher is an ALFA engine.


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It's still 50% more 4C than a typical funny car - that whole multilink front isn't too much of a $tretch on OEM, and bolting on a custom subframe to house any MR-able drivetrain imaginable is mostly a day of figuring out proper wheel geometry to at least be streetable again. Hey, even the F1 GTR and latest GT3 RS benefitted from further test and tune time so getting any car "optimized" applies to anything else anyways. Apart from buying a Radical/Ligier/etc, this sort of level needs mad money over msrp for any car anyways as well. Point is, compared to most cars and their hardcore versions, there's still A LOT of OEM 4C there given what it does!

Terrible camera operator tho. Can they have a redo with less caffeine and a lens not zoomed in for birding? Isn't Photography is all about waiting: LOOK through the viewfinder to see what you're actually capturing, get it in focus/stand TF still, and just wait for the obstacles/commotion/window to appear, move to next shot. Then, if possible, EDIT out people's shirts or back of heads, and just deliver the good moments. Easy... But no, more zombies with a 90's sony cybershot duck taped stumbling around trying to eat brains at these rare and great events.


The shot will pass, and once you set it up and rolling, bonus, you get to actually be present and witness/experience being there not through the camera lens/screen, no need for constant checking if the camera is working or whatever, realizing you're shooting ground or cropped out everything, and stumbling to a new vantage, thus missing good moments. Pick a good vantage, be obvious so the people can see what you're trying to do, and just wait/edit. Very simple.

AI can also "erase" ppl/objects if the shot is steady and the background gets revealed via compositing and "stacks", so it's no longer even necessary to have a constant clear shot, just ask politely that no one statue in one place while you shoot and reveal to the camera what's behind them. Many Standard Deviation programs do the rest. Sit long enough and it's like you paid lol money to have the shot for yourself, even longer and an analemma of cosmic things will enhance your background. If light is moving, even more of the subject gets proper exposure, and HDR will even out the details out from the shadows or hot spots. Technology is awesome, being too noob with a camera in 2020+ is not.

Now you know, next time we can get clear shots of all that delicious hardware and design that make us broke and faster than we ought to be. Also maybe this time Bigfoot will come out clear and in focus!
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