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Hi guys
Sadly the car is gone but I have a couple things left over.
Some of you may recall I purchased some Alfa Romeo Racing gear. I’m looking to sell most of it.
I am selling the gorgeous cool weather jacket and the polo shirt.
the jacket I wore twice to the corner store. Total wear time: 20 mins. It’s in 100% shape. The polo is completely unworn.
jacket new cost me almost $350 Canadian and the polo was about $150 Canadian.
make me a fair and reasonable offer?
The polo is a XL and the jacket is a L.
they are European sizing. The XL polo is more like your average Canadian large. The L jacket is a Canadian large.
I also have a L tech-T shirt. That one I wore three times. Despite being 99% it’s probably not a prospect. But here anyway if anyone is interested.
Cheers and hope you are all doing well!!
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