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From a 4C to Stelvio Quadrifoglio

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I recently traded my 2016 4C Spider in on a 2020 Stelvio Quad and wanted to share my initial experience. First I must say that I'm 70 years young and this did weigh somewhat on my decision to make the change as well as a replacement for an aging Acura RDX. I am fit, slim and getting in and out of the 4C wasn't a problem. Comparing the two is like apples and watermelons. The 4C is a street legal race car plain and simple. The Quad is an SUV with serious attitude. The quad I chose has all the bells & whistles including ceramic brakes which are wonderful and worth every penny IMHO. My 4C was special as well as it had the OEM CF halo which was very rare for a '16 spider. Power is similar in a straight line for say an eighth mile (only because I replace the rear P-Zero's on the 4C with Corsa P-Zero's...what a difference (total traction). Otherwise the Quad would smoke it and does after the 1/8th. The 4C is more mechanical which is expected and can NEVER be replaced. The quad is nice for a fast...very fast SUV and in no way looks as good as the 4C. Having said all this...keep the 4C as long as you can as it is a very special car. However, when you need to make the transition like me, the Quad is just the ticket.

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I’ve read and re-read your post and still can’t see the reason for getting rid of your 4C.
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