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FS: Brand New Recaro SPG & Kansai right-side rail

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Decided to change paths and will only be installing one racing seat in my car, which means I have a brand new unwrapped Recaro SPG that needs a new home

Also have right-side kansai rail for sale as well, this is the passenger side on all LHD cars or driver side for RHD cars

Willing to ship globally

Asking $1200 for the seat
Asking $350 for the rail
Or $1400 for both

Car Vehicle Hood Automotive lighting Automotive tire

White Black Road surface Grey Rectangle

Rectangle Font Tints and shades Beige Wood

Car Vehicle Automotive design Car seat cover Steering wheel
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Just in case you aren’t aware: many organizations (PCA for sure) require equal protection for driver and passenger on track.
My cars just a DE track toy, no intention of running in any sanctioned events lol
Super straightforward, took me ~40 minutes

I’ll edit this post when I’m home to include DOCRON’s guide but it’s 4 bolts and the seat comes out
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Bump, the bracket is $490 and seat is $1275 on alfa9supply before tax and shipping!
Bumping the seat down to $1100 and the rail to $300, save big!
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