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Custom design I worked out with Litespeed to look like the T.50 wheels
I had originally made a set of 18x9 for the front and they were too wide, but they fit great for the rears. So I made a matching set of 17x8 to pair with.
I have another 18x8.5 and 18x10 set that I daily and never used these as a spare set as intended so deciding to sell.

Fronts; 17x8 et 33, 14.4 lbs. 700 kg load rating, have never had tire mounted
Rears; 18x9 et 30.5, 15.5 lbs. 700 kg load rating, have had tires mounted, but never on a moving vehicle. I mounted on the rear to check fitment then had the tires removed.
OEM Alfa caps can press fit. Not included. 1 shown as an exaple.

They are not as light as a Mg wheel could be as they are beefy with a quite high 700 kg load rating so should be bulletproof.
I didnt want to deal with bends on pot holes in my area. They are still quite lighter most Al wheels

Includes a set of 4C TPS Sensors. Rears TPS mounted already, Fronts still in a box.

These would list for $7700 retail, I am looking for $3500 OBO.
Shipping would be $200 in US48, I am based in TX.

Please PM me for offers.
I am the owner of URGE designs, a reputable S2000 enthusiast design firm, the 4C is my other car.
We have sold quite a bit of parts here previosly that were lightly used as I was testing parts.

17x8 fronts still have wrapping on them from Litespeed as they have never been mounted.

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