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Make offer. Pick up in Austin, Texas. I will not ship them.

Excellent condition. Look like perfect to me.
2 PZero 205/40ZR18 (DOT dates 0419 and 0519)
2 PZero 235/35ZR19 (DOT dates 4719 and 4719)

I have the receipts from original owner to prove he installed new PZero tires at mileage 15,194 and mounted winter SottoZero at mileage 17,444 for 2,250 mile total usage.

I purchased the car with the winter SottoZero tires mounted and the PZero tires unmounted in August 2021.
The PZero tires that are for sale have been in my garage since I purchased the car in August 2021.

Pictures attached.


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