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While we can argue about what needs or doesn't need to be done, it would be foolish to not do what we CAN do. Since I am an old codger (72), I can remember when I lived in California and made some trips from where I lived in SF to LA. I remember the smog being so bad in the 60s and early 70s that soon as I stepped off the plane my eyes would start watering, throat got sore, and the sulphuric smell permeated everything and the yellow cloud hung like a fog bank to the town on bad days. Since they initiated the smog changes....better vehicle emission requirements, smog testing of vehicles, etc. things have gotten dramatically better. Not every thing that was done was the best or most scientific decision, but I don't think anyone who lives in LA would say the air was cleaner than than it is today. And don't forget that smog also caused health issues for many. I remember when one of my daughters went to a convention in Beijing, China in the 90s and came back with stories of the horrible smog there and the same stories of smell, yellow sky, etc. that I related to her. While it is easy to point at the other countries and other people and say they are the is everyone's problem. Yes....perhaps it is worse or better than what scientists and politicians say.....but if you have a chance to do something about it today....that is better than waiting until it gets far worse and even more expensive/difficult/impossible to correct. I have kids and grand kids....I don't want to leave them with a world that is worse because we were bad care takers of it during our time on earth.

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By Cornell University:
The headline is a bit of an attention grabber
Rising seas could result in 2 billion refugees by 2100
Why not 2500? Nobody here will be alive then either.

This is a perfect example though.

Very much of the Animal Farm school:
Al Gore’s movie ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ says sea levels could rise up to 20 feet. (2008)
Some money counting later...
Al Gore Buys $8.9 Million Ocean-view Villa (2010)

Three things that do not show there is no climate change, do not show there is no human-caused climate change, but DO show climate alarmism is a hoax, check for yourself:
  • Alarmists never push for a change from petro-based society to nuclear-power-based society, while that would do all they say they want.
  • Alarmists never go to protest in China. Or even India. While we all know those countries are now starting their own industrial revolution phase which given their number will be much more polluting than the West's ever was.
  • Alarmist predications have so far never come true. (Name one real alarmist predication that >actually< came true, what part of the world has died or erased since the meteor or tectonic tsunami.)
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