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Hello everyone,

My name is Rudi and I come from Slovenia. I had a 98' BMW Z3M Coupe. I was driving trackdays, timeattacks, spirited street driving but every year I wanted more grip, more power and better lap times, so I've modded my car through the years to the point that it wasn't drivable on the road anymore, so I've started building a dedicated race car. So now after two years of building and preparing this car I've started to missing a proper sports car that could be driven also on a street, so much, that I've started looking for a proper replacement of my former BMW Z3M Coupe.

I was entirely sure that in a few years, I would buy a Porsche Cayman, but somehow Alfa Romeo 4C caught my attention in a way only BMW Z3M Coupe did before. I've started reading all the reviews and technical specifications of the car and more I read about the more I liked it regardless of all the flaws people were talking about.

From pure curiosity I went to a local dealer to see 718 Cayman, but I just didn't feel any emotions about this car, so I left quickly. Later that day I went to Alfa Romeo dealer who had brand new 4C standing in a showroom apparently for quite some time now. The moment I stepped into the showroom and I saw 4C in person I was stunned. Car was a "killer". Low, wide, shiny red color with nice 19'' OEM wheels, yellow Brembo calipers and beautiful shaped body curves. It was nothing like I've ever seen before. I got behind the dashboard and it felt so right. It was love at first sight. I had some conversation with salesman to get the details I wanted and went back home.

I spent next week calculating my finances and all the rational thoughts were killing me, but I wanted the car so bad that I couldn't resist anymore. Long story short. I've started negotiating and after a restless week my brand new Alfa Romeo 4C was home. So here it is. I enjoy it every time I look at it, wash it, drive it. That's it for now. Here is a picture of my race car BMW Z3M Coupe and picture of my new 4C. More to follow...
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We'll have to have a look at the TCT hydraulic unit cooling, not the gearbox oil itself. IAT's are still a bit hot, but it is what it is from stock turbo being pushed to the upper range of its operating range. We expect to have the hybrid turbo running cooler at the cost of slightly higher rpm power band with lower bottom end torque but higher max power. Brake cooling is very well. We are currently running standard size discs at 305mm / 292mm and get away with it.
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We've been experimenting a bit with the front aero lately. It seems there is a lot of potential for improvement at the front. The amount of air entering through the front grill and exiting underneath the front undertray slots is significant. With the GMS QV vented hood we closed the OEM undertray and it worked well. Car felt more planted at high speeds at front and it required noticeably less pinpointing at dead center in a straight line at higher speeds (+200km/h). However, as we had more work to do on the upcoming GMS QV front hood, we replaced it again with OEM hood, but we kept the undertray closed and apparently, there was enough of pressure created behind the radiator as the air had nowhere to exit, that it tore out the middle two undertray brackets. This has happened twice now. At first, I thought I maybe bottomed out or something, but the second time now, I'm sure I didn't, as there are no scratches on the undertray (it's brand new), so it is definitely the air pressure. Closing the undertray without channeling it elsewhere is not an option. It also significantly increases drag probably.

As the front end is very light, we don't need extreme aero, but we do need some to balance the rear end. It seems that the new GMS QV hood, closed underbody (part of the new splitter) could be the answer to it. The canards and side fender shall aid a bit too, but the vented hood with splitter and closed underbody is the key thing here. It looks promising so far. I'll post updates soon.

P.S.: We'll also crank rear spring rates from 90Nm to 100Nm. Once front aero will be added and if the car will feel a bit tail happy, we'll level up fronts as well.
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Loving this development, Rudi!
Especially with that massive tail wing, I cannot help thinking that somewhat significant front aero is required.
But even with less downforce at the rear than what you are running, I believe that adding some up front would be useful.
Inverting the radiator outlet flow and opening the hood ought to help a lot, basically for "free" (just the cost of the work but no real drag downside).
And this will likely allow you to maintain sufficient engine cooling for when you increase displacement (that was what I was referring to in my previous post, although gearbox may be another issue - there's always going to be a weak link as you start developing the car).
I'm fond of the fender vents too. Anything to discourage lift in front and aid high speed turn-in.
The rear you can tame between wing angle, spring rates and tires, but the front definitely requires this kind of outside-of-the-box thinking!
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