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Hello guys,

Something different from us this time. It won't shave down your lap times, but will keep you safe in case of a f*** up or at least improve your interior look respect points +1. :p

In the world of motorsport there are two key players that need to be respected. One is performance and the other is safety. This product doesn’t reduce lap times but it serves and protects. CNC machined, incognito black anodized and laser engraved aluminum bracket is designed to fit OMP CBB/351 aluminum, motorsport fire extinguisher.

A set of custom made, incognito black, textile floor mats are included as well to provide a nice, safe racing environment for your interior. Floor mats utilize stock bolt lock mechanism to make sure they stay in place. High grade bolts are included as well.

This upgrade is highly recommended for any 4C owner, street, track, race use. It is a must have equipment on every race track and in some countries fire extinguisher are also demanded by the law. Nothing worse than seeing your car go up in flames just standing, waiting for the help. Don’t be that guy. Be the one that doesn’t help and maybe can even help others. No drilling or modifying is required as this product is 100% plug and play.

Available now on our website:


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