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Hi everyone!

A quick introduction.....I have been the proud owner of a 2016 Coupe since last October and thought it was about time I joined a dedicated forum for this little monster of a car.

You read the title correctly, my 4C cost me £20! I was in work one afternoon and a colleague was showing me one of those online raffle sites who happened to have a 4C up for grabs. Long story short i bought a ticket and 4hrs later had a call informing me I had won! I still find myself pinching myself every time I step/drop/plonk myself into the 4C.

I was the owner of a Mustang GT when the 4C came along and crikey what a different experience the small turbo charged 4C is compared to the V8 of the Mustang! I built a kitcar about 10yrs ago which had a 1.8 turbo charged engine but ever since that all my cars have been 6 cylinders or more....i had forgotten how fun small engined turbo cars were!

The 4C came with military green wrap (black underneath) on it which i had planned to have removed as soon as i took delivery of it. person it doesn't look too bad and as i'm using it as a daily at the moment so the wrap comes in handy for paint protection during the miserable winter weather we have here in wales. The plan was to remove the wrap, full detail/paint correction, rectify some small niggles with the car and then garage it and only bring it out during dry/nice weather. Keep the mileage down and treat it as a future investment............................BUT, and it's a big's so damn enjoyable to drive i'd find it hard restricting the mileage done in it. Add the fact that it only cost me £20 then any value 'lost' due to higher mileage (it's currenlty on 22k) or wear and tear really doesn't bother me.

So yeah, hi from the newest member to the 4C fold!
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Thanks all for the warm welcome.

Just to add a bit more to the, quite unbelievable, journey to owning the 4C (this may be a long post as i've got a day off today and doing everything i can to delay doing any chores!).....

In the UK over the last few years car raffle sites have grown in popularity (just to clarify, I am in no way affiliated with any of them. I am just a winner telling my story). I had always been dubious of them however found myself often browsing them as some of them had some really interesting cars....from classics to supercars and everything in between. Prior to the 4C I had entered various ones a grand total of 5 times (Ariel Atom, Supra, AC Cobra,R8 and a 911 Turbo s).

I had been following 4C prices in the UK for the last few years and have seen them creep up gradually so knew they were getting out of my reach. However, this didn't stop me constantly browsing the classifieds or watching reviews online. They fascinated me. The simplicity, the style, the rawness, the limited numbers. I have driven similar cars in the past but always ended up going for bigger engined more practical cars.

So as soon as my work colleague pointed out that one of the sites had a 4C up for grabs I knew I had to have a go. The car had been on the website for a week and the draw was happening that evening so bought a ticket there and then. 2999 tickets available at £20 each, needless to say, I didnt fancy my odds but we can all dream.

Fast forward to 9.15 that evening and the phone rings. Strangely it didnt even cross my mind that it could be the site phoning me but as soon as i answered i knew who it was. I tried not to get too excited in case they told me i had won a runners up prize or something similar but when they said i had won the 4C i lost my mind a bit!

Communication back and forth during the night regarding delivery of the car and, as pointed out be previous poster in this thread, bank details exchanged for the transfer of the £2000 which was also included in the prize (the money was given to my brothers and sister. The car alone was enough for me)

Delivery had been set for the following Saturday. That turned out to be the longest week of my life. It was spent watching more 4C reviews than you can imagine. Hearing about all the good things, the bad things and everything in between. I noticed an instagram tag on the rear numberplate holder in one of the photos of the 4C. It was the company who wrapped the car. I found their page and scoured through their posts of wrapped Lamborghinis, Ferraris and Porsches until i came across photos of my soon to be 4C being wrapped!
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I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was a proper panel off professional wrap. I noticed in one of the posts that they had tagged the then owner of the 4C. I quick look at his page and he had a whole fleet of cars all wrapped in the same 3M Military Green Matt wrap. To answer one of the previous questions in this thread from what i can gather the raffle websites purchase the cars from the owners/dealers and then put their mark up on them and raffle them off. I also had a quick chat with the previous owner over facebook about the car and he has informed me that the paint underneath is in good condition.

Fast forward to delivery day. The 4C was coming from 200miles away and was due at 11am. 10.50am i get a call from the driver to say he's almost at my address so i go outside like an excited kid at christmas and await his arrival. Well......let's just say i heard the car long before i saw it! I did not expect it to sound like it did. The noise reverberating off the surrounding houses and buildings took me by surprise, i have never heard a 4 cylinder sound the way the 4 cylinder in a 4C does! Then the car comes into and videos just dont do this car justice at all. The thing looks like a mini supercar. The driver pulls up and gets out, takes a look at me and says its going to be a squeeze! I'm 6'3 slim build. I had driven Lotus Elises and Vauxhall VX220s in the past so had no concern about fitting into the 4C. I got in with ease, more room than i was expecting. Promotional photos were taken with my cheesiest ever grin and the delivery guy made his way to the train station and left me with a 4C, all very surreal.

So, onto the maiden voyage. My brother popped over so the pair of us went out for a spin. What followed was half an hour of laughing, swearing and looks of disbelief. This car is mental! I foolishly assumed that the 4C would be a comfortable version of a track focused car despite all the reviews saying other wise. I guess the overall look of the car, air con, cd player and 'some' creature comforts gave me the impression that it would be comfy. Holy moly was i wrong! Loud, raw, harsh and quick. It felt a lot quicker than the numbers on paper suggested. similar numbers to 60mph as my Mustang but it gets there in a whole different way. Then the biggest surprise of all.......a bloody dump valve! this took my straight back to the late 90s when i passed my test and all i wanted was a car with a dump valve. Some hate them, i absolutely love them.

The next month or so was spent in the 4C as much as possible. So much so that the Mustang was regrettably put up for sale. That left me with a 4C being my daily and what a daily it is! Work is 10miles away, my golf clubs fit in the passenger seat and my food shopping fits in the boot/trunk. what more do you need?!

I live quite a minimalist lifestyle so a lot of the negatives that reviews hilighted turned out to be irrelevant in my situation. A cd player from the 90s? I dont care, it connects to bluetooth, that's all i need. Minimal storage? I don't care, i carry very little. Heating controls from the 1980s? I don't care, it's simple and does the job....the list goes on. Modern cars have far too much tech and gadgets for my liking, my Mustang had a bloody G-Force meter on it! Why?!

One thing i was expecting but didnt realise to what extent was the attention this car gets. Absolutely every where i go results in multiple conversations with strangers about the car. There seems to be two types of people, those who havent got a clue what it is and those who know exactly what it is they have never seen one in the flesh/metal.....i had never seen one in the flesh/metal either until this one turned up. Petrol station visits turn into full on photo shoots with kids and adults wanting to sit in the car posing for photos, adults seem far too keen for their kids to go for a quick passenger ride in the car with me and (whatever happened to not getting into cars with strangers?!) and thumbs up of approval from strangers every where i go ........but that is one of the main things that make ownership of such a car like the 4C so enjoyable is bringing joy to others with it also.

So, that's my experience of getting into 4C ownership and what an experience it's been, albeit very different from pretty much every other 4C owner.

As requested here is a phot of my 4C in its new home, sunny South Wales!. Memo to self - i must get some better photos of the car!

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