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Also, the 4C didn't come with factory ppf. May have been dealer applied.
Evidently ALFA did have hood PPF on some cars that was installed either in Italy or when it got to the US and installed by ALFA. I saw one of those at my dealer when I bought my 2015 new. The dealer said they ordered one that way to see if it was going to be any good (it was just as bad as the rocker PPF). My car was having PPF installed by an independent for the dealership at the same time so was able to see the difference. They said the ALFA PPF was pretty bad also so were going to have it removed and redone by the same company that did mine ;-) The factory PPF also yellows after a few months which is OK on most colors but not on white looks horrible. I haven't noticed how it looks on silver cars....perhaps one of our members can comment on that. The factory stuff is also much thicker than normal PPF which MIGHT be an advantage on the sills but I have no evidence it is better or worse than a quality PPF like Xpel or Suntek Ultra.

And as far as the OP about having his hood redone. YES DO IT when I bought my car I refused to take it home from the dealer until the ppf was installed. I have heard to many sad stories of those who waited before installing it. Any car as low and with thge surface area as ours....and with the softer paint is going to be pock mark city in a short time if uncovered. I suppose one could just commit to a repaint every few years but that is not something I would do.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts