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First of all, sorry everyone, I know there are already hundreds of posts on PPFs, but I couldn't quite find something specific to the hood.
Currently I have PPF from factory that cover almost everything, but I had to remove the hood PPF because the Italian race stripes the previous owners applied left hideous residue on the PPF (graphical content, viewer discretion recommended).

So I'm wondering, does the 4C really need a hood PPF? I have seen no damage to the hood PPF and since the hood design is so flat, I think the bumper and the windshield takes most of the hits anyway.
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Absolutely yes. Just ask @Gilles27. One drive with us without PPF and his bonnet was pock-marked with stone chips. It required new paint. Don’t go cheap.
Edit: This is a photograph taken on that day.
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1 - 1 of 17 Posts