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Incredible Custom Steering Wheel

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Unlike any 4C wheel. Attention to detail is amazing. I took a brand new OEM 4C wheel, sent it to a custom wheel fabricator in Italy with exact custom specification and drawings to create this. The wheel has been completely transformed into a carbon fiber/Alcantara suede/ custom stitched masterpiece. The diameter has been beefed up so it has a nice thick feel to it. This wheel totally transforms the feel of the car. Finger slots on upper rear of the wheel. Used for less than 1k miles. Brand New condition. $1,400 shipped anywhere in the lower 48. List price on OEM 4C steering wheel alone is $1,000! This is a bargain! Payment accepted through PayPal. Paddles included, airbag is not.
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If only it was red stitching and a red 12 o'clock marker. Looks superb nonetheless, GLWS!
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