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We have decided to bring back Intrax.

We offered Intrax in the late 90's through about 2007. Available for the 4C, 105, 75/Milano and GTV6 and many other EU Alfa's.

The owner of Intrax is a huge Alfa Fan. He was also the founder of the shock absorber brand WP Suspension (which he sold to KTM). Due to a coincidence (active suspension was banned in the Formula 1) he was asked to sell his know-how about conventional shock absorber damping to Benneton (where Michael Schumacher drove). That year they won the world championship on the shocks designed by Henk Thuis. Henk fell in love with racing on tracks and bought a Alfa Romeo 75 twin spark and started Intrax. He did a lot of testing in his Alfa which evolved into a Evolution Turbo during the years. Henk won himself several championships also with other cars which he always sold again.
We will have a specific Intrax Section on the site soon with all available offerings. I have also asked them to work with me on Giulia QV and 2.0L RWD/AWD options.

What distinguishes Intrax from the other brands:
  • All their shocks are custom build. We only have the raw materials on stock and start producing after order and receiving sufficient info about the car and wishes of the driver.
    • Alfissimo line in near future.
  • All their shocks are equipped with a thermostat
  • Only on request they build us a traditional Macpherson strut, otherwise they always build a upside down construction. Often with a larger diameter than other brands (Ø40mm, Ø45mm, Ø52mm, Ø61mm)
  • They don’t make differences in material use between street /track day use and or competition use shocks. They always use the best materials.

  • Things we would like to know later on when you decide to order:
  • For what purpose will your car be used (street, trackday, race, rally etc. or a combination)?
  • What type and size tire will the car drive on?
  • Any other change (compared to standard) on the car that can influence the handling of the car (weight, power, roll cage etc)?

Intrax chooses one knob for the damping adjustment. With this one knob you can set different damping settings. When you adjust the knob, both rebound and compression will be adjusted in the correct damping force. This unique system makes it very easy and quick to find the correct setup for your driving style and road conditions. Finally the damping system is equipped with a heat device (thermostat) to insure damping force stability and optimum performance during all different operation temperatures.

Picture 1; 1K2 40mm light weight front shock. On this picture with external reservoir for our optional ARC® system (no ARC® is no external reservoir) and our optional Black Titan (see the black spindle)
For the rear we have our 1K2 upside down Macpherson system with a Ø 45mm thick insert. This set up gives a big increase in the installation stiffness (les flex) of the Mac Pherson suspension. This not only improves the road holding of the car but also the drivers feeling with the car.


Picture 2; 1K2 45mm upside down rear shock absorber. On this picture with our optional Black Titan (see the Black upside down insert) and our ARC® which could be fitted inside the shock.
Our 2K2 system has the looks of the 4-way system but without the low speed compression and 4th adjuster. It does have external reservoirs front and rear and is equipped with our thermostat. The 2K2 has an independently adjustable bump and rebound.

Picture 3; 2K2 46-14 light-weight front shock absorber with the optional Black Titan coating (see the black piston rod)

Picture 4; 2K2 45mm upside down rear shock absorber with the optional Black Titan (see the black upside down insert)
4-WayThe 4-way is our top product. The damper is adjustable in the low- and high-speed compression, rebound and the overall range of the low-speed compression, these adjustments can all be done separately and have no interference with each other what so ever. This makes it very good to fine tune the setup. Naturally also this damping system is equipped with a heat device (thermostat) to insure damping force stability and optimum performance during all different operation temperatures.

Picture 5; EXAMPLE of a 4-Way 46-14 light-weight front shock absorber with the optional Black Titan

Picture 6; EXAMPLE of a 4-Way 45mm upside down rear shock absorber with the optional Black Titan
1K2, 2K2 and 4-way XL
We also have the Xl version of the 1K2 and 4-Way dampers, these have a 62mm housing with 52mm insert, instead of the 45mm insert.. The XL version are always equipped with our black-titan coating. The extra thickness of the insert, the housing in combination with the upside down configuration gives an even higher installation stiffness than the 45mm Intrax standard thickness. Because this extra installation stiffness is only functional with a Mac Pherson suspension the front shocks are the same as the “normal” 1K2 / 4-way shocks

For the rear we have a 52mm upside down shock absorber


Picture 7; 1K2 XL upside down rear shock absorber with the optional Black Titan (see the black upside down insert)

Picture 8; 4-Way XL upside down rear shock absorber

Black Titan
Black Titan is an invention made by the Russians. Their jet engines must perform under the toughest conditions, they must function in Siberia where it can be -30°C and hours later in a other part of Russia it can be 40°C. After they fitted their engines with Black Titan, the service interval was increased by 100%. Intrax decided that what is good for their airplane engines must be good for our shock absorbers. The Black Titan coating, which will be applied on the guidance- and piston rod, cannot rust and is extreme hard and smooth. The friction is lowered with these piston rods, reducing oil temperatures, improving traction and extending life time under the severest conditions.

ARC (Anti Roll Control)®
After years of development Intrax did it. They developed a unique way to drastically reduce unwanted roll (lateral and longitudinal). Your car will have the comfort and all the other benefits of driving with “soft” springs like extra grip and traction, until you take a corner or need to brake then ARC® will control ride height with the feel of a sport/race/rally setup. While driving over a curb, through a putt hole or over jumps the suspension will absorb them like driving with soft springs. At the same time ARC® will make sure that your suspension will roll or pitch minimally. So for the first time you can have the benefits of a soft spring set up without the disadvantages of too much body roll and/or collapsing suspension in putt holes, jumps, curbs.

Because there are some complaints about the feeling in the steering wheel of the car we can offer you extra shims to get more feeling with the car in the steering wheel and of course some extra grip. With these shims you are able to set extra caster and camber at the front wheels. This increases the overall handling and feeling with the car.

Picture 6: extra shims for extra camber and caster front wheels

I will have the intrax line up on our website as soon as posssible. In the mean time, please email or call.

[email protected] or +1 619-209-0715
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