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Hi all....

A couple of weeks ago, we did what might be our final Fall mountain drive, as cold weather and snow has since taken over the Colorado Rocky Mountains... good for the ski areas, not so much for road trips in the Alfas.

This time, a good friend, Ed (ecohen2) joined us in his beautiful Alfa 4C Spyder.
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It was a gorgeous Fall day in Colorado, with temps in the high 50's, perfect for a spin in the Alfas.
We headed up US 285, towards Kenosha Pass, which summits at 10,001 feet.
As I mentioned in a previous post, this a fun, twisty 2 lane road that skirts the south side of the Mount Evans on its way to South Park.

Rather than drive to the summit of Kenosha Pass, we turned South at Pine Junction and headed toward Pine.

Pine is a tiny historic town located south of Pine Junction on County Road 126.
Established in 1886, Pine was originally a summer resort town and residence for local railroad workers. It remained popular for tourists until the decline of the railroads.

From there, we continued South to the Buffalo Creek Historic District.
This area was originally settled in the 1860s, and was officially established around 1877, with the post office opening up a year later in August of 1878.

The town, ravaged by floods and fires over the years, has a small population in the area.
The J.W, Green Mercantile Co. still stands, as well as a few other structures.
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After spending a bit of time kicking around the area and talking to a few of the locals, we continued South on County Road 126 to Deckers.

Deckers, next to the South Platte River, was never incorporated, but had a general store and saloon in the late 1800s.
This stretch of river near Deckers is considered a world class fishing spot.
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We continued on 126, which eventually ends up in Woodland Park.
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However, as it was getting late, we decided to head back to town.

Next Spring/Summer, we will continue this drive South all the way to Woodland Park, which is an exceptionally beautiful part of Colorado.
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Til then, the Alfa is in the garage on a trickle charger and awaiting the chance at new driving adventures!

Stay warm and enjoy your 4Cs......


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