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Following @Alfanut ’s thought in the Coronavirus thread, how about your recommendations for series, movies, or books to help pass the time if you’re in lockdown???

Car related, or not. Give us abit of a description and why you like it.

Don’t stop at just one recommendation, if you have several good ideas.

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If you have Netflix, which I don’t, the lads recommended Breaking Bad and Dracula as two entertaining series. Can’t vouch for them personally but they certainly sound interesting enough.

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Right now, I'm the only one left in our office - everyone else is working from home. I get to hold down the fort.
Remember in old western movies, the guy left behind as John Wayne leads the cavalry column out the front gate? Remember what always happened to that guy????

Anyway, if and when I get sent home, it's likely to be:

Marathon "Downton Abbey" because my wife will insist. I don't mind it - definitely escapism (except the episodes dominated by Spanish Flu).
Marathon "Poldark", again because my wife will insist - notice a theme happening here? Where my white car got her name from.

I'll push for some BritCom:
"Yes Minister".
"Are You Being Served?"
"Waiting for God".
"Vicar of Dibley".
"Keeping up Appearances".
"To the Manor Born".
"Absolutely Fabulous".
"As Time Goes By".
All of the above are clever and quite touching.

There are some other terrific British programs that I wouldn't mind re-watching the first few seasons of. I remember enjoying them thoroughly the first time through:
"New Tricks".
"Doc Martin".

And Aaron Sorkin has to be the antidote to a lot of the silliness going on around here right now.
All 3 seasons of "The Newsroom" are my absolute favourite television ever to have come out of the USA.
I have a number of seasons of "The West Wing" at home that I would like to get to.

And then perhaps some old favourite movies that I haven't seen in quite a while.
"Casablanca". "To Have and Have Not". "Key Largo". "The Big Chill". "The Malteese Falcon". "The African Queen".

So, that will get me to the end of the weekend. ;)
Feel free to enjoy some of these yourself, if you are tired of contemplating poking your eyes out with a shrimp fork. They are at least as good.

Remember, this could happen to you!

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I just heard about this one from another track friend, too.
Sounds great.
Wish I had the bandwidth at home for Netflix.
okay how about audio. Don’t know your age but here goes;

Moby Hotel
Social distortion
The lowest of the Low

For the kids see if you can get

The Point by Nielsen

shame I can’t just sent it to you.

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No judgment please:

With my wife:
The Office
Top Chef
Masked Singer

By myself:
  • Grand Tour including re-watching old ones - and yes some are getting pretty cringe-worthy... but still fun!
  • Any documentary that looks interesting but that doesn’t involve a murderer
With baby:
* Watching same episodes of Word Party and Octonauts again and again and again and again...

Music streaming:
Everything else
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