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Looking for a new Spider

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Hey everyone:

Many of you know me, as I acquired a n RC spider about 18 months ago and have actively posted here, as I have invested heavily in her.

Unfortunately, I had a bizarre accident with her and as repair estimates now being in excess of $55K, my insurance company is going to total the car. (I had a slow, uncontrollable and inexplicable drift off the road into a rocky mountainside - it was slow enough that the airbags didn't go off, but the cumulative suspension and rocker panel damage is now considerable. And we all know that Alfa was selling these at a loss, so the $55K in damages is an issue. And the carbon fiber tub was unscratched!)

I'm heartbroken about this. I loved her, and I feel I let the community down. :(

I am in the market for a replacement.

The only strict requirements are as follows:

Akro exhaust
CF Halo
Reasonably low mileage (< 20K)

(I can replace anything else I want on her)

I am not too particular about color.

And before anyone asks - I am keeping my designbybeau mirrors and engine cover for the replacement!


P.S. If anyone can also send me screenshot of comparable sales for insurance purposes, I would appreciate it.
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P.P.S. Don't ask for pictures. I'm still too raw and it's too soon.
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Sorry to hear. I went through this myself back in 2017 so I completely understand not wanting to post pictures (I never did of mine, lol).

I will keep an eye out for a nice spider. (y)
So what will happen to your car? If the tub isn’t damaged at all then it could be fixed, hopefully a good project for someone, we need to keep as many 4Cs going as possible. Sorry about what happened
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Thx guys.
My insurance hasn’t gotten back to me with an offer yet, but following that, I will see if I can find out where they will auction her.
Maybe we can get someone to get her back in the road. Tub and engine are 100%!
Very sorry to hear that and hope you find a suitable candidate quickly!

I guess you've seen this one?

IIRC you have a carbon fiber hardtop so I guess adding the Koshi halo to this one wouldn't be a solution:

Hmmm … forgot about @Curvesurfer’s spider.
That may be an option…. (And then I have a replacement hardtop!!)
Oh, and @John4C, I’ll be needing another set of your wheels!
Also… if a Tributo or Italia surface, I’m willing to pay a reasonable premium.
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