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Hi All,

We've recently added the KW Suspensions 4C coilover kit to our lineup, after very impressive results with the KW Giulia and Stelvio kits we decided to carry these on for the 4C.

It's a great kit for street/sport use, with slightly softer spring rates than some other kits, making for really good ride quality combine with easy height adjustments so you can dial in your ride height and gap to to the wheels. You can increase the rebound as needed with a simple single knob adjustment.

Ride height settings range from +5mm to -20mm.

And KW has made some changes recently, with a lowered overall retail price on the 4C Variant 2 system.

Some more details over here at the link.

Contact us via email with question on the KW Suspensions vs. the Nitrons, vs. the Intrax kits.

Thanks, Matt
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