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One-off 馃憠馃徎 Alfa 4C Club Italia Spider

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My friend Lorenzo (with his white 4C) met the owner of the 8C Spider...
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well, this passionate Alfista also owns the only 4C Club Italia Spider!

馃憠馃徎Read this interesting article:

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there was one for sale few months ago, in Italy.
Asking price 380.000 euro!!!! and...can't find it anymore on autoscout24, so probably they sold it
Beautiful 8C.

I love that Petrolicious article about the Club Italia Spider 馃憤馃徎
I thought the 8C would look bigger. Maybe it is the perspective making it look smaller? They are beautiful cars, and sound fantastic too.

I couldn't open the petrolicious article, so searched for some info on the Club Italia 4C. Amongst other things, this came up. You'd want to make sure you stuck it on to your car pretty securely :oops:

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