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Long story short: I'm considering replacing my OEM seats with Recaro Sportster GTs. After reading every virtually every seat & rail/bracket thread on here, I'm still a bit confused. Seems Kansai's brackets work well but I'm concerned about some comments I've read claiming they don't allow full rearward travel of the driver's seat. As I drive with the stock seats all the way back or one notch shy (and still can't see the top third of the instrument cluster) I'm looking for a seat & bracket combo that allows full rearward travel and, preferably, one that'll put my arse about 1" to 2" closer to the the tub's floor than it is currently (with OEM seats on their lowest setting).

I called Recaro USA directly to get their input where a very helpful and knowledgeable sounding representative highly recommended that I contact Planted (Seat Bracket) Technology in Kirkland, WA:

Planted seems to have an impressive application guide with brackets for BMW, Lambo's, Fiat, Ferrari, Porsche, and many others. And, after reviewing their price list, it looks like their brackets retail for $140.00 each regardless of the application. Unfortunately, they presently do not offer anything for our 4Cs.

When I spoke to Dan (425-747-9777) at Planted Technology he said they love to manufacture brackets for the 4C but have not access to one to take the necessary measurements. Dan then said if I'd bring my 4C in for them to measure they would design the appropriate bracket and give me the first set manufactured for free. I thank him but said since I'm in Texas that wasn't really a viable option.

Dan then mentioned that If I'd post his information our forum that he would extend the same offer any 4C owners closer to their location.

Therefore, if anyone near Kirkland, WA would like a free set of seat rails/brackets and don't mind Planted Technology using your 4C for a hour or so to take to measurements please feel free to give Dan a call (and let us know now they do!). Thanks.
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